,Orthodox Priest

"Capturing a Moment"
My paintings capture a moment in time. There is something that inspires me to paint a picture when I see objects in a natural setting that is not orchestrated or composed. The way light shines on objects, can create an interesting visual scene and experience. For example when I see horses or other animals out grazing in the grass, with sun light shining on them a beautiful array of colors are revealed.

I want to capture the experience and share my experience with others through my paintings. I try to avoid altering the scene. If the composition needs to be altered for the sake of a good design, I may move the arrangement around while trying not to alter what originally sparked my interest. I look for situations or objects that will represent the ideas that I have in my head. Color scheme, pattern, unique properties or gestures are concepts that I try to recreate in my art.
I will take notice to these qualities when observing the world around me.
I may observe a person striking an interesting gesture or the light is hitting them creating an interesting composition. I notice how people move and act in a certain way that is unique to them. My goal as a portrait artist is to capture that uniqueness. I try to connect with people and incorporate the experience in my art. To capture a likeness and the character of a person in a painting is a challenge that I enjoy.